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We provide various hotel bed linen fabrics and finished products to customers worldwide.

Why choose us

Self-owned Factory

With more than 150 air-jet looms as well as rapier looms, multiply twisters and sewing workshops, we're able to produce various linen products.

Control of Whole Industry Chain

We have rich experience in selecting materials, manufacturing, trading and firm connection with many capable partners in hospitality linen industry.

Customization for Even Special Requirements

Only few suppliers can get this accomplished, while fortunately we're capable of helping our customers to achieve their aims by taking efforts.

Superior Product Quality

We have a dedicated inspection team to control the production processing from the beginning and ensure the quality of our products, both fabrics and linens.

Competitive Prices

It's possible to provide hotel linen products with competitive prices but are also of decent quality by taking advantages of our experience and connections in the supply chain.

Delivery on Time

We understand the timeliness of business and always make plans in advance. In the aspect of lead time, we could say we are ahead of the rivals of this industry.

About us

Partial Panorama of Aomian Textile Weaving Workshop in 3 by 2 Aspect Ratio

About us

Aomian Textile is the short name of Nantong Aomian Textile Co., Ltd. which is located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China. We’re an original manufacturer that specializing in hospitality linen fabrics & articles.

By utilizing our rich experiences in whole industry chain & providing attentive sevice, we’ve got a good reputation in this area.

Our Products

Being an original manufacturer, we provide the competitive hotel textile products to both domestic market and international markets across the world.

Hotel Linen Fabrics

Cotton & polycotton percale, dobby, jacquard fabrics for downstream linen manufacturers

A Close Shot of Hotel Sheet Fabric Weaving
Typical Hotel Bedding Provided to Customers

Hotel Linen Products

Finished linen products for hotels, institutions, motels, restaurants and the end users.

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